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Type Just Eat, Amazon, Alibaba...

Cet écran de type Just Eat, Amazon, Alibaba, Vinted, Multi boutiques / Multi vendeurs est incroyable ! Entièrement automatisé, il va vous permettre de créer une place de marché (Marketplace) no limit ! Vendez ou laissez vendre TOUT ce que vous voulez. Chacun de vos utilisateurs pourra gérer ses produits, ses ventes, ses livraisons, ses moyens de paiements, et bien plus....

Type Uber, Taxi / VTC

Manage your independent taxi activity or even a fleet. Like the UBER company, we offer you the perfect solution to create your own Taxi - VTC application. Your users will be able to geolocate and book a driver or a trip, at their fingertips.

Doctolib meeting

This Doctolib-type appointment screen allows you to create, manage and make an appointment with all the suppliers registered by the administrator, using the application or via the widget integrated on a website. It is a complete appointment engine in your application and allows you to manage several stores or service providers from a single location. You will also be able to define the working hours of these stores, holiday slots and everything you would need to manage your appointments in the blink of an eye.

Leboncoin type

Add a local or global classifieds market to your applications. Your users can now offer items or services through your app. With this feature, your users will be able to publish classified ads on your applications as they would have done on Leboncoin for example. Just create the market and they will publish ads with photos, description, price, contact details… all right from your application!

Push Notifications

This feature allows you to communicate with your users whenever you want, it's unlimited! You can also easily schedule your notifications on specific dates and times, or send a geo-determined notification to your customers based on their location ... Thanks to the "Subject" function, you can also communicate with groups of interest with a particular user.

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Custom page

Do you want to create beautiful pages with enriched content? Our page creation function allows you to distribute your texts, photo galleries, videos, slides, including weblinks, call buttons, and even source code.

- +

Custom form

Do you want specific data on your users? Create your own prospect, customer, etc. forms And manage the information collected, it will be stored.

- +


The screen where you can collect all of your users' contact information. You can also include direct call buttons, geolocation, links to your social networks, and much more.

- +


Keep your users informed of your events, or those of your partners and favorites, by coupling your Facebook and / or Google Calendar to your application, or else create your event directly from your Calendar section, included in your backoffice.

- +


With this screen, you can integrate as many external web pages as desired (mobile site, partners, reservation system, etc.) into your application.

- +

Location and Places

If you need to create, for example, a directory of companies or businesses according to their locations, this functionality is made for you! Add useful information to the directory of nearby places and points of interest, etc. Businesses can be displayed as needed, in a single card. The advanced search system allows users to precisely filter and refine their searches.

- +

Map - Itinerary

Thanks to Google Maps, accessible from your application, allow your users to navigate anywhere in the world ...


With this screen you can create and manage an offer and job search service. The companies that you have validated will have a dedicated space to post and manage their job offers, and candidates will be able to apply directly online from this screen.

- +

Pay in App

On the Pay in App screen, offer paid access in your application. With this feature, you can block your application completely or partially. Blocked content will only be available to authorized users after paying for access.

- +

Picture gallery

Highlight your photos on your application. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Fliskr or Instagram!

- +


A nice and useful feature for your users. Let them find out the weather for their region or any city or country around the world.

- +


Create a Radio application or simply let your users listen to their favorite radios, it's up to you. And just like the Audio function, users can continue to browse the application or even lock their phone and listen to the radio in the background!

- +


Add a music player to keep your app users entertained! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or from your own files, and let the music accompany your visitors. They can also share or buy the songs offered. Of course, music can be played in the background while users continue browsing, or even when their phone screen is locked.

- +


Add a touch of multimedia to your application: Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo or broadcast in Podcasts. You can also choose to integrate a full YouTube channel, etc.

- +


The perfect functionality to organize and classify your content. With the "Folder" function, you can create your own trees (folders, sub-folders, categories, sub-categories, etc.) and include your screens in them. You can even add a search box to help your users find the content they're looking for.

- +

Private space

If you need to fully or partially lock your app, this is the functionality you need. Choose which screens you want to protect and how they should be, and regular users won't be able to access locked content. If you select membership protection, the accounts you have authorized will be able to access the locked screens. If you choose QR code protection, only users with the correct code will have access to your protected sections.


With this screen, you will be able to send private messages to your users and exchange with them, accompanied by attachments, photos, video…

- +

Facebook Social Wall

Animate your community with a social network within your application! Your users will be able to broadcast messages, photos, geolocate the photos of other users, like and comment on publications.

- +

Facebook page

Sync your Facebook page and share your content on your app, and drive more traffic to your platform through a single point of entry.

- +


Add a Twitter account to your application and display your clickable tweets. Tweeter tracking information and retweets are also available.

Messaging - Tchatroom

Community messaging screen, public or private discussion forum, real-time discussion space, etc.

- +

Topics / Newsletter

Create a variety of interest lists, which you can then use to send notifications based on your subscribers' preferences.

- +

RSS feed

The RSS feed function allows you to broadcast different feeds on your application, as many information feeds as desired. This functionality will also search via the URL of the site for which you want to distribute information, all the links available when you do not know them ...

- +


You have a Wordpress blog, and you want to synchronize it with your mobile application to automatically display all new posts there? Your application allows you to do so natively.


Integrate and synchronize your store with the Woocommerce platform, the E-Commerce solution, leader in the world, accessible from your application.


Your turnkey e-commerce application: discover all the functionalities integrated into our online sales module, from the distribution of your product catalog, to payment gateways! In addition to your commercial site, or to offer a range of specific products and services, everything you need to boost your business and be closer to your customers, is included in our package!

Loyalty card

Using our “loyalty program” module, create your own program or dedicated application: you can add and manage as many loyalty cards as desired, linked to as many brands, and allow your users to retrieve their points via password or QR Code.

- +


Create and distribute your product and service catalogs. You can include photos, descriptions, your prices etc. With as many categories and menus as necessary.

- +


A pleasant and attractive way to display your menus. Create cards with photos, prices and descriptions.

- +


With this screen allow your users / customers to reserve an armchair, a location, a table or whatever you want and in all the places you want.

- +


Increase your sales with simple and efficient discounts. Collect user data when your coupons are used. Configure them so that they are used only once and / or available until a specific date.

- +

QR Coupons

Create places for your business or improve the opening of your newsletter by distributing your own QR codes to your users. They flash the code and unlock the rewards in your app.

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Name of your mobile application

What will your mobile application be called, the one that will be displayed on the Appstore and Playstore?

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Menu / Navigation

Now is the time to choose the Navigation Menu.

You are not sure ? You can replace it after the creation of your application, from the Back-office.
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Now let's add the functionality of your application.

To add them, just click on each of them.

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Your custom application

Are you ready to create an incredible mobile application?


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We are almost there, you just have to choose the versions of your application.

You will have the choice between the Android version, IOS or both.
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Assistance : 30€

This option is not mandatory.
But it can be very practical if you need help and advice, our assistance is available 6 days a week and from 8h to 20h.

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Storage and Updates

Stockage et Mises à jour : 10€

This option is mandatory.
Because it concerns the hosting of your application as well as all its contents, but also all the updates for its proper functioning.

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Well done, you have worked really well!

You have finished your application.

Now you just have to choose the design of your application, it's simple, fast and intuitive.
But not only, you can also write your texts, upload your images, TOTAL CONTROL!

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