Android & IOS mobile application for real estate management with Private Messaging


Android & IOS mobile application, linking and real estate management with Private Messaging.

Android and IOS version.

It only remains to replace the name of the application and the contents.

Search by Keywords

Search for an Asset by title, the name of the Asset, the zone, the city, the name of the depositor, the name of the auction, the contact, etc.

Filter List

Filter the search result using key features like Good for, Type of Good, Room, Bathroom, etc.

Filter by price.

Add Favorites / Remove Favorites

Customers can preselect the Asset and see how many other customers have preselected the same Asset.

Visit history

The customer can check their own history of Well visited.

Inbox / Message

The customer can contact the agent (administrator) and the agent will receive an email notification, the customer will receive a push notification when the agent replies to the message.

Report / Feedback

The customer can report or share comments on the listed Asset.

The customer / agent can add / modify / delete the list

The client / agent can add their own assets from the mobile application and manage them.


This mobile application is composed of:

  • Back-office for complete management of the application (Design, menu style, screens, download statistics, etc.)
  • Real estate offers screen.
  • Real estate offers screen on the MAP.
  • Offer publication and management screen (Multi Agents / Users)
  • Description screen for each property (descriptions, photos, etc.).
  • Favorites screen.
  • Private messaging screen.
  • Search screen.
  • Screen about / presentation of the agency or the application.
  • Interactive blog screen (likes and comments).
  • Push notifications history screen.
  • Contact screen.
  • Account management screen.

An innovative and already essential concept

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I just have to replace the name and the contents, from its Back-office.


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