Mobile application for Construction - Renovation


Showcase mobile application, for Business or Company in the construction, construction, renovation, or any trades.

Android and IOS version.

It remains only to replace the contents.


This mobile application is composed of:

  • Back-office for complete management of the application (Design, menu style, screens, download statistics, etc.)
  • Welcome screen, company presentation
  • Realizations screen (Photos and descriptions)
  • Quote request screen (via the appropriate form)
  • Partner screen (partner logos)
  • Contact screen
  • Secure internal messaging screen (for communication between the team and management for example)
  • Push notifications history screen

An innovative and already essential concept

I buy my mobile application ready.

  • How it works ?

  • 1* I order the mobile application that suits me.
  • 2* Within 48 hours, I access my Back-office, and I just have to replace the demo content, in just a few clicks.
  • 3* I validate! It remains only to publish the application on the stores.

I order the mobile application that I like with a few clicks.


I just have to replace the name and the contents, from its Back-office.


We send your application to the blinds for you.

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